About Us

Our Goal
Simply put: “Helping you make more informed financial decisions”. How will we achieve this ambitious goal? We will start one story, one post, and one example at a time. We will attempt to explain our situations, thought processes, and takeaways as simply as possible, and in a useable format. You shouldn’t need a degree in finance to be able to “get ahead” in our world, and we have found that almost every personal financial topic can be written and explained in a way that everyone can understand.

Who Are We?
TheAmazingRate.com was started by a group of like-minded individuals that wanted to chronicle our collective financial decisions. Like almost everyone out there, we have had to learn the hard way, between good and bad financial decisions. By putting our experiences and knowledge down in writing, we are hoping to help (and do our best to entertain) people that are facing the same decisions we did, so that they can learn from our mistakes.

What’s with the website name?
We found this URL buried in a company’s archive, and knew it was THE ONE. We liked it because it shouldn’t be impossible for regular folks like us, who are willing to do a little research, to achieve better financial standing. We figured if we could convince a company to part with the URL, that would be our first step of the process.

Like most other websites, we depend on advertising to keep the lights on. We make every attempt possible to ensure that the ads appearing on our site are from reputable companies that share our core values. If there is a post that is specifically sponsored by an advertiser, we will make it abundantly clear to anyone reading it.

Feel free to leave us a comment at contact@TheAmazingRate.com