The Importance of a Home Inspection

Updated: March 23, 2012 at 11:49 am PST

Searching for your perfect home is tough – there are tons of factors that influence decision, such as the price of the house, the location, the school district, etc. But after you think you finally found your dream home, there’s one final check you should make with the seller before purchasing it: you should get a home inspection.

This doesn’t just apply to buyers in the market, but current homeowners and even sellers can benefit from a home inspection as well. Although not a fully exhaustive examination, a home inspection basically ensures that a house is appropriately appraised for structural, plumbing, and electrical problems. They may even inspect for other areas such as bug or pest infestations, the quality of water, septic issues and even mold, depending on the inspector that you go with.

Buyers and current homeowners benefit enormously from the examination. If you are a buyer, you want to be reassured of your purchase before you make it, so the inspection will either satisfy your worries or convince you to go with a different home. You can also choose to renegotiate the price of a property with your seller by taking into account repairs or maintenance issues, which could save you thousands of dollars. And lastly, both buyers and homeowners can determine the scope of future upkeep or repairs of your home – the home inspection may give rise to issues you may have not thought of before (such as AC, water heater, or even roof repairs).

Sellers can benefit from collecting home inspection data as well. First of all, buyers will love it if you’re honest and straight-forward to them about a house, even if it may have some problems. An inspection will not only help implement trust between you and your buyer, but it also may help you construct plans for repairs on the property, (before it’s sold) as well as help pinpoint a target price for the house.

Make sure before agreeing to a home inspection that the inspector is licensed, since each state handles home inspection regulation differently. And be wary of real estate agents that directly refer a list of inspectors – hire one on your own to determine if your property is good to buy or sell!

Home Inspection